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Staffel der Serie heute-show.

Super Troopers Deutsch

Super Troopers 2 Trailer German Deutsch (USA , OT: Super Troopers 2 Trailer)▻Abonniere uns!: Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit "super Trooper" – Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen. Super Troopers – Die Superbullen ist eine US-amerikanische Filmkomödie aus dem Jahr , die aus der Feder der Comedytruppe „Broken Lizard“ (Jay.

Super Troopers – Die Superbullen

Super Troopers 2 Trailer German Deutsch (USA , OT: Super Troopers 2 Trailer)▻Abonniere uns!: Super Troopers - Die Superbullen ein Film von Jay Chandrasekhar mit Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan. Inhaltsangabe: Thorny (Jay Chandrasekhar), Mac. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Super Troopers - Die Superbullen. Auf dem Highway ist die Hölle los, wenn fünf überaktive und unterforderte Vermont.

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Super Troopers 3 5 Movie CLIP Horny Germans 2001 HD

Super Troopers Deutsch Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Search, discover and share your favorite Super Troopers GIFs. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. Super Troopers movie clips: THE MOVIE:FandangoNOW - Super Troopers is a American comedy film directed by Jay Chandrasekhar and written by and starring the Broken Lizard comedy group (Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter and Erik Stolhanske). Marisa Coughlan, Daniel von Bargen and Brian Cox co-star while Lynda Carter has a cameo appearance. Super Troopers () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and. Directed by Jay Chandrasekhar. With Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, André Vippolis, Joey Kern. Five Vermont state troopers, avid pranksters with a knack for screwing up, try to save their jobs and out-do the local police department by solving a crime. Deutsche Ganzer Film Super Troopers – Die Superbullen stream deutsch kostenlos online cz Super Troopers – Die Superbullen Fünf unterbeschäftigten State Troopers in Vermont, die die meiste Zeit damit vergeuden, harmlose Verkehrssünder zu jagen oder Karten zu spielen, sollen aus Kostengründen die Jobs gestrichen werden. Always looking for action, five over-enthusiastic but under-stimulated Vermont State Troopers raise hell on the highway, keeping motorists anxiously looking in their rear-view mirrors. Between an ongoing feud with the local cops over whose you-know-what is bigger, and the state government wanting to shut them down, the "Super Troopers" find themselves precariously /5. Super Troopers is a American comedy film directed by Jay Chandrasekhar and written by and starring the Broken Lizard comedy group (Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter and Erik Stolhanske). Marisa Coughlan, Daniel von Bargen and Brian Cox co-star while Lynda Carter has a cameo appearance. In total, Fox Searchlight paid $ million for .
Super Troopers Deutsch
Super Troopers Deutsch

Local Officer Smy Dan Fey Edit Storyline Thorny, Mac, Rabbit, Foster and Farva are Vermont state troopers out to have a good time. Taglines: It's their highway.

You're just driving on it. Edit Did You Know? Trivia David Stolhanske, cousin of Erik Stolhanske, is a Minnesota state trooper.

Goofs In the scene where Mac bets Foster that he can't say meow ten times as he is writing a driver out his traffic ticket he actually says meow eleven times.

Quotes [ first lines ] College Boy 2 : No, man, I'm just saying I'm sayin', if-if you own beachfront property, right, do you own, like, the sand and the water?

College Boy 3 : Nobody owns the water. God owns - it's God's water. Crazy Credits The credits are accompanied by: 1 various identifying shots of the actors; 2 scenes involving the stoners and a busted party; and 3 Farva's oft-joked-about "bus incident".

Finally, all the way at the end of the credits, there is a little "gag" reel clip, concerning Farva's excessive drinking at the governor's party.

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Country: USA. Language: English German French. Runtime: min. Sound Mix: Dolby Digital. Color: Color. Edit page. Clear your history.

College Boy 1 as Andre Vippolis. College Boy 2. College Boy 3. Thin Queen Bartender. Waitress as Aria Alpert.

Chief Grady as Daniel Von Bargen. Back at the station, they are chastised for a lack of arrests by their boss, Captain John O'Hagen, who warns them that they risk being shut down.

They also torment the radio dispatcher, Rodney Farva, who has been suspended. While investigating a Winnebago, they encounter a woman who died from a drug overdose with a tattoo of a monkey.

Once outside the trailer, the state troopers encounter their rivals, the local Spurbury police, with whom they compete for arrests.

When Foster and Womack pull over a truck for avoiding a weigh-station, they are locked inside while the driver flees.

After Ramathorn and Rabbit rescue them, they find packages with stickers depicting the same monkey seen on the dead woman's tattoo.

Foster begins a relationship with Spurbury PD officer Ursula Hanson and discovers marijuana hidden in the impounded Winnebago, bearing the same monkey sticker.

Farva is reinstated to the force and becomes Ramathorn's partner. While at a restaurant, Farva attacks a cashier in retaliation for cutting a hole in his drink.

Farva is arrested by the Spurbury police, where he receives a job offer from Police Chief Bruce Grady in exchange for information about the drug investigation, but Farva flippantly refuses.

Farva is subsequently admonished and reprimanded by O'Hagan and demoted and also blacklisted from the aforementioned restaurant. The Vermont governor travels to Spurbury for a press conference about the drug bust.

Knowing that the Spurbury police will be involved with the governor's visit, Ramathorn and Foster break into the Spurbury police office to steal the Winnebago to present the marijuana as evidence.

At the press conference, Chief Grady claims credit for the drug bust, despite it being the work of the State troopers. Foster thinks that Ursula revealed the location of the marijuana to her boss in exchange for a promotion.

Having failed to increase arrests, the state troopers expect their unit to be shut down. Back at the station, the state troopers find Farva dressed in a Spurbury PD uniform; Foster realizes that it was him, not Ursula, who betrayed the location of the marijuana.

The troopers, including Captain O'Hagen, tie Farva to a toilet and drunkenly vandalize Chief Grady's house. Ursula offers to help them and directs them to one of the drug-running trucks.

As they attempt to pursue it, they encounter Farva, who holds them at gunpoint. The state troopers convince Farva to help them in pursuing the drug runners and follow the truck to a nearby airfield.

The state troopers see Chief Grady arrive, only to realize that the Spurbury police are working alongside the drug dealers. Using a sex doll on top of Farva's car, the state troopers distract the Spurbury police officers long enough to attack and arrest them.

The governor sends Captain O'Hagen a letter thanking him for his efforts, but tells him that their station will still be shut down. Three months later, Ramathorn and Rabbit are delivering beer to a party hosted by teenagers.

As the teenagers torment them, they reveal that they are undercover Spurbury police, having replaced all of the officers after the drug bust. Broken Lizard member Steve Lemme stated that the idea for the film came from road tripping to various weddings in his friend and fellow BL member Jay Chandraskhar's car and frequently getting pulled over by cops.

I don't think that's such a good idea, Thorn. Uh, right. Okay, why don't you just sit in the middle, buddy?

There's no T. What about the piece stuck to your shoe? What about that piece? You know, you might get ahead around here if you made the extra effort.

Do you want me to wipe your ass? That's not what I-- Well, around my house, my wife knows to refill the T. And if you were, I'd take you down a peg or two.

Hi, douche bag. You know, if you were my wife I'd massage your feet every night until you fell asleep. Nice try.

He strangles her and puts her face in pig food? What an asshole. Got any I. Oh, we're working on it.

It's called routine police work. Apparently, she had a cartoon monkey tattooed on her back. John Chimpo, I'm told. And those cannabis bags in our truck So we think there might be some kind of connection.

Are you suggesting that a cartoon monkey is bringing drugs into our town? Look, I know we don't like each other. I like you.

Come on! I'm looking for a little cooperation here. John Chimpo. Hanson, could you round up, uh, Johnny Chimpo That's what happens when you start hanging out with a state trooper.

We show you the funny. Well, where were we? Uh, you were laying your best rap on me and I was resisting.

But you were starting to think about it. I told you. I don't touch highway hog. Baby, I'm Sizzle Lean. I scratched your back, Bruce.

I scratched it good and hard. Now, either you scratch my back or you're gonna get my size ten boot up your ass! Desperation is a stinky cologne, John.

Let's see. You are an expendable line item on a state spending bill. You have a station full of crappy cops. I am about this far away from having a bigger budget.

And now, you come in here talking about Keep your bags packed, John. Let us handle the real police work, huh? Uh, John, when you do get shut down, you come back, talk to me.

I can always use a good meter maid. Let it roll. Come and get me, Mac. Can't catch the Rabbit. Out of the car, scumbag! Well, hello, Shirley.

Come on, Farva, man. Same team. What's Thorny going to say, Rook? Honestly, Bobbi. I think it's gonna happen. We don't want to leave. We really like this town.

I'll probably just get sent down to Brattleboro. It's a nice town. I don't think it's a healthy time for him to move. He's got a lot of real good friends here.

That creepy kid with the lisp? Stop jumping on the bed. Look, I don't want to go without you. Hey, stop jumping on the bed.

Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker. Hey, honey, it's almost Mitternacht, huh? We really should be getting back to the jail. You don't want us turning into pumpkins.

Thorn, can't they just stay a little longer? Who wants a mustache ride? I want one! Thank the Lord. It's terrible. Oh, there's a disgusting pervert flashing people.

Ma'am, I need you to calm down. I can't calm down! You calm down! He's right in front of the building. Go look.

I'll hold. Did you see him? Oh, he's disgusting. Oh, the humanity! He's so bulgy. He's like a moose. I think he's going back again.

Freeze, motherfucker! Oh, God! Please don't shoot me. I-- I'm naked. Drop your coat and grab your toes. Oh, this isn't happening.

I-- I-- I'm a police officer. Ursula, help! Baby, I'm gonna butter your bread. You don't have these at your station?

I don't suppose you got a pair of fresh underwear I could borrow? I'm not sure you could fit into my panties. You know, you can't tell anybody about this.

I already told my mom about you. What is this? Rabbit, you're off the road! Shut up, Farva! It's a good move, Cap. Rabbit, you're on radio.

Farva, you're ridin' with Thorny. My hands are tied! It's all over the police band! Rabbit, you couldn't have picked a worst time! I got a Q request form today.

We have to inventory our equipment. Which means our balls are this close to the band saw. What are you sellin', Mac, hot dogs? Let me guess. You just humped the mayor's wife and burnt down City Hall.

I'll do you one better, Captain. So I'm walkin' down by the local police station, minding my own business. But there's something funny in the air.

I feel like I just gotta get into that Winnebago. So after I jimmy the door, I do a quick recon. I can see there's something not right about that bed.

And just sittin' there were ten huge duffel bags of these mothers. Let me get this straight. You went into the impound, scaled the fence I'll believe that when me shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbet.

Do you think I just grew this weed? How could you know to look underneath the bed? It must have been my sixth-- or even my seventh sense.

You know, Rabbit, a good cop doesn't really know why he does anything. So these local mothers have got a hundred keys of chiba and don't know it?

Not a clue. It's totally hidden. And Grady's walkin' around like he's hot soup. All right, we got a chance here. But we got to beat these guys to the punch.

Mac, you and Foster check out the truck stops I'll talk to Grady and play a little hardball. Thorny, I'm takin' a hard line.

You got to promise me no more bullshit. Cap, you know I'm cool, but I can take no responsibility for these white devils. Well, you're gonna have to.

Now, Rodney, we're under a lot of pressure here. Remember what we talked about. If anything happens Ten deep breaths. I got it, Cap.

Foster, youre on duty. Trust me, skipper, we'll make you proud. You are awesome. You are incredible. You are a fantastic cop.

Keep goin'. Uh, and then somebody said, I think it was O'Hagan, said, um I think you get a star. I don't know if this is gonna work. This steering wheel is jabbing my ass.

In New York City, a guy could pay ten bucks to watch two cops have sex in a cage. In our cruisers, somebody has to let you out of the back seat.

Do we look like the two dumbest guys in the world to you? Is that why you choose to treat us with such disrespect? Look, all I'm sayin', man, is switch partners.

It'll be fun. Mm, no fuckin' way. Come on, Mac, you know you're always sayin' how funny Foster smells. Oh, look out for Thorny, master of psychology.

Do I really smell? All right, assholes, quit talkin' about me. Lock and load, Ramathorn. Let's kick some tail. We weren't talkin' about you, you big idiot.

But the captain didn't say anything about going undercover. Do you think they're gonna tell us anything if they know we're cops?

Get a job, man! Look, you're fuckin' super cop. You should know this. I told you it was those kids with the wrenches.

Ah, yes, those ballsy little punks who took your car door off I told you I was in a very deep sleep. You wanna tell that to O'Hagan? Maybe we can borrow his car today.

Do you even know how to drive this thing? This rig sucks! Uh, who knew it was a stick? How about we, uh, pop a couple of Viagra Only you, Farva, can make a dark man blush.

Hey, I came up with a great name for our car. Oh, yeah? Get this. You're Arcot Ramathorn-- Ram-- and I'm Rod Farva-- Rod; car Ramrod.

Car Ramrod. You get it? Yeah, I got it. Rabbit, I got a Plymouth Voyager Say 'Car Ramrod. Vermont plates-- Alpha Check it. Roger, You didn't say it.

I wrote it on the paper. Oh, I forgot. No games. Let's play one of those games I keep hearin' about. You know, Mac and Foster To the driver. I realize that doesn't sound funny as I described-- Who can say 'meow' the most?

You guys are real crazy. Hey, look out for these guys! Hell, I can say 'meow. Easy, Rod. License and registration John O'Hagan.

I'm glad you called. I have Bobby the Baboon in lockup Johnny Chimpo is the pimp in charge of the Cartoon Network whorehouse.

Look, I'm done dickin' around. We got new evidence on your murder. You know where he is? No, we don't know where he is, but-- Then I don't see how you can possibly help us, then.

This is my last offer. Either you let us in on this investigation Oh, how embarrassed? Like, naked in a dream embarrassed?

No, no. Embarrassed like back in '77, when you got caught fuckin' your cousin embarrassed. She's not my cousin. Welcome to Dimpus.

Can I take your order? Give me a, uh, double bacon cheeseburger. Double baco cheeseburger. It's for a cop. Don't spit in that cop's burger.

Hold the spit. Give me a, uh, pie. Do you want me to hold the spit? Just kidding, Officer So, do you want to 'Dimpisize' your meal for a quarter more?

Want me to 'punchisize' your face for free? Some male figure? I'm his dad. And stop with the whole transfer thing. Oh, Christ. You know what?

I gotta go. Let's talk about this later, okay? Hey, listen, guy. He doesn't want it. I can handle this, Ramathorn. Uh, beverage?

Gimme a, uh, liter of cola. Will you just order a large, Farva? I don't want a large Farva. I want a goddamn liter of cola! I feel like a real cop again.

Well, I wouldn't get used to it, 'cause you know it's not gonna last. I'm not goin' anywhere. All right, buddy.

We're about to get shut down anyway. That's a lot of 'Dimp. I don't know. Bobbi doesn't want to leave, and I don't want to leave her and Arlo, so-- Yeah, I don't know what the hell I'm gonna do.

Who gives a shit? I'm about to win ten million bucks anyway, right? Are ya? What are you going to do with that ten million bucks?

And you can't say, 'Buy the Cleveland Cavaliers. Ah, good investment. You could never catch me. I got a good feelin' about this. Damn it, you burger punk!

You son of a bitch! Yeah, Burger Boy! All right, all right, all right. Cut it out, you guys. Knock it off. Clear out of here. All of you. I'm sorry about the delousing, Rod.

Standard procedure. Uh, good. Say, Rod, what are your plans after the shutdown? We're not gettin' shut down, Grady.

We're drug busters. Maybe they're drug busters, but you're dispatch. I'm back on the road, now. Until this little incident. Listen, Rod.

This whole murder thing, we've been tryin' real hard to break it open Now I've spoken to the governor myself. She is gonna shut your station down, son.

It's gonna happen. Now, I'm gonna have a bigger budget then, and I could really use Work on exciting cases. Hey, we could even chase drug dealers together.

Now, the thing is, Rod I really need to know about your side of the investigation. O'Hagan's making all kinds of threats, and-- Can we make a deal?

I'm all highway. Let him loose. Sorry about that, bro. Well, we got about, uh, twenty desk lamps. How did the undercover thing go?

Well, not so good. Turns out, this guy can't drive a semi. You guys watch that Johnny Chimpo thing? Maybe you missed something. Mm, trust me, bro.

There's nothing there. Maybe we should take another look. That's it, you're off the road. Never again. Sir, no. You know, there was a time we'd take a guy like you out back and beat you.

Now you got your goddamn unions. I'm not a pro-union guy. And you're banned from Dimpus Burger. Damn it! Get some rubber gloves. From now on, you're my cleaning lady.

Beat it! Well, the butler is basically saying to Johannes Chimpo You must remain true to the Taliban warlord.

So, um, Galikanokus is not the butler? Well, possibly. But this is, uh, quite brilliant, really. And so, Captain, you think there might be some connection with the smugglers?

Komödien, die wirklich lustig sind Ikarus Salzburg Scarface In diesem Artikel oder Abschnitt fehlen noch folgende wichtige Informationen: Vollständige Handlung. Marisa Coughlan. License and registration John O'Hagan. Oh, you heard that, did ya? John Chimpo. I guess I just go take a shower then, huh? Who's Uncle Fred? Sasha Konzert Boy 2 Geoffrey Arend All right, hit it. Ursula Aria Alpert Scream Schrei Sign In. Five Vermont state troopers, avid pranksters with a knack for screwing up, try to save their jobs and out-do the local police department by solving a crime. God Tatort Fangschuss Darsteller - it's God's water. This was a welcome change of Elena Of Avalor, a film that was a bit independent and a bit mainstream, yet all in all, was still hilarious. Mayor Timber.

Um die Basisfunktionen zu nutzen Super Troopers Deutsch der Anbieter eine bertragungsrate von mindestens 5 Mbits. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Zur Sammlung hinzufügen Auf Facebook teilen Auf Twitter teilen. Super Troopers – Die Superbullen ist eine US-amerikanische Filmkomödie aus dem Jahr , die aus der Feder der Comedytruppe „Broken Lizard“ (Jay. Super Troopers 2 Trailer German Deutsch (USA , OT: Super Troopers 2 Trailer)▻Abonniere uns!: - Kaufen Sie Super Troopers - Die Superbullen günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und. Super Troopers - Die Superbullen ein Film von Jay Chandrasekhar mit Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan. Inhaltsangabe: Thorny (Jay Chandrasekhar), Mac.


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